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Alternative Booking Methods

There are two alternative booking methods:

Required documentation

In order to complete this application you'll need:

  • a copy of your IDF (import declaration form)
  • a copy of the items invoice
  • a test certificate (where required) to show that items are in good working order. You may obtain this certificate from your seller.

We'll require copies of these documents before allocating an inspector. You can either email these documents or post them. See our contact details.

Your contact details

Please provide your contact details using the form on the left then click continue. We'll post your inspection certificate to the address which you provide here.

You'll need an IDF to complete this application

You'll need an IDF (Import Declaration Form) to complete this application. The importer is usually responsible for applying for an IDF from the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Exporter / Importer Details (as declared on IDF)

Please provide details of the exporter and details of the importer. The exporter is usually the seller of the items.

Inspection Details

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I / We declare that all products listed on this application are not affected by any product recalls nor these are substandard or counterfeit, to the best of our knowledge. I/We also declare under our own responsibility that the products listed in this application to which this declaration of conformity relates, satisfy the requirements of the standards and other normative documents regulations applicable to this type of products for export. I/We consent to QISJ's General Terms and Conditions for Services and the requirements stated herein, which form an integral part of this application. I/We also acknowledge and agree that QISJ may share any of the data, results and documentation gathered and generated during the performance of the services to the extent requested by the relevant authorities to verify the conformity of the products. I/We also declare that at the time of the submission of this request for certification, the shipment is still in the country of supply and is accessible for inspection, if needed.

Inspection details

We'll try our best to inspect your items on your preferred date and time slot. In the case that we cannot inspect on your preferred date we'll phone you to re-schedule the inspection date.

You may add multiple items by clicking on 'Add another item'. Please attach a copy of the IDF and a copy of the invoice for all items to be inspected. You may also email these documents to documents@qisjp.co.uk.

Thank you for booking your inspection with QISJ

We'll contact you shortley with a quote for your required inspections. Once we receive your payment then we will confirm your inspection date and time.

Finalise your booking

We'll contact you shortley with a quote for your inspections and we'll email you your invoice. Once we have received your payment then we will confirm your inspection date and time.

You can pay over the phone, by cheque/postal order, electronic transfer or directly to our bank. For any of these payments, you must include your booking reference (368758) as a payment reference so we can apply the payment to your account.

Please note that you do not require a printed certificate for your CoC inspection. We will issue and electronic certificate by email.

Please contact us for any further information.