vehicle roadworthiness inspection, verification of conformity
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Book Vehicle Inspection
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Roadworthiness Inspection and Verification of Conformity
inspection for motor vehicles, machinery, tractors, spare parts, trailers, other equipment
Motor vehicle inspection

Typically, a vehicle to be inspected is booked into one of our centres where a comprehensive inspection is performed. We perform over 150 checks and verify the vehicle's documentation. On completion, we compile a detailed report on all the checks that have been performed and advise our clients accordingly. If the results comply with the standards, we will issue a certificate and optionally stick our compliance sticker on the vehicle's windscreen. Basic checks include:

PVoC - Machinery/spare parts/trailers/tractors/other equipment

We perform inspection for machinery, spare parts, and other equipment at the client's location (or location where goods are stored). Our inspectors will focus on marking, packing, product’s shelf life (where applicable) and visual product conformity for reconciliation with the test report. Testing is done against the applicable standards/approved specification

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